Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In order to become
the Destroyer of Ignorance
you have to destroy your own first.


Life is at it is &
there's nothing
you can change
about anything.

Close the door on blame
then you'll have
no access to praise.

At peace in their own pain.
They don't know anything else.

Ignorance is bliss
from the standpoint
of ignorance.
From the standpoint
of Enlightenment,
it's disgusting.

Don't go to sleep.
They take things
away from you
when you go
to sleep;
ask a thief.

In all worlds,
life feeds
on life.

Once one knows the mind
creates, maintains & dissolves;
you don't get caught with anything.

You cannot vote for change.
If you want change,
withdraw your support.
Withdrawing ones' support
guarantees change.

Shape & Form
are a distraction
to a one-pointed man.

Doing takes two,
God & you.
You get out
of the way &
He does it.