Saturday, June 4, 2011


If we live in a free society,
then why do we need police?

There is no
such thing as
urgency in death.

Once one has that power of feeding someone you had better be very cordial to them. If you bite the hand that feeds you, then it won't feed you! It's always good to know who controls the food & water supply.

will always
give you away.

The easiest way to find out
what you are is to
negate everything
you are not.

One who has dreams
is living out
their fantasies.
The man with no dreams
is living out
the unimaginable.

The world and you
appear and disappear

take advantage
of situations.

The only way to
live without drama
is to not create it.
It's as simple as that.
It's not rocket science.

One has to have
interest in oneself.

There is
no break
from NOW.

The body
is in
the mind.

No one is born Human. You will have to work your ass off your whole life to earn the right to carry that title, HUMAN BEING.

Human beings
do no harm.

Groundedness is the dead center
from which one operates from.
Without groundedness
nothing is achievable.

Minimize the effect
by not adding to it.

If you want to
experience reality
you have to shatter
your belief systems,
That's easy,
stop believing.

gives life

Everyone has a
contract with life.
Fulfill the terms & be happy.