Sunday, June 26, 2011


First, you have to ask the right question.
Second, you have to get out of the way
& not water down the answer.

Instead of
arguing about God,
deal with facts.

Belief systems are false gods.
They are worshiped through belief.

Belief system;
a program.

All forms
of dependency
is misery.

Where do you
get your food from?

Once you find love within yourself you'll be in love with your self. You can 'fall in love with a man or a woman' but you can't fall in love with yourself.

How can you love yourself
if you don't understand yourself?
Don't think about others
as there is no such thing.

Any formula,
if followed exactly,
will yield the same results
for everyone.

What does power do?
Power challenges.

The Power of Love
challenges ignorance.

What's it
going to take?

The beginning
is in the end &
the end is in
the beginning.