Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you want to change your world,
it's easy ~ focus on it.
The act of focusing
affects the focused.

Gods' creating a Union,
would you like to join?
Your subscription
is your ignorance.

Anyone who is working for
the upliftment of themselves
is working for
the upliftment of everyone.

To deny the existence
of God
you have
to deny
your own existence.

you are a sinner
is the worst sin
you can commit.

Don't say to me, "What can I do about it?" Even the weakest man will fight to survive, at the end.

If you do it now, it's now.
(Go on, I dare you.)

Tomorrow is no good to me & yesterday is imagination. Value is now. So, here is the secret; to imagine tomorrow you do it now. When you remember the past, you do it now.

The now, to me, is freedom,
you would see it as a prison.

Whatever you do for yourself
you do for others, providing
they pick up the gauntlet.