Monday, June 27, 2011


"What can I do about it?"
The answer is simple;
stop contributing.

The least dependent
you are on anything,
the less painful
it's going to be.

Have you ever noticed;
there's always someone
who want to control you?

To control oneself
one has to be


The color is
in the light
not in the flower.

For those of you who will not share
For those of you who do not care
For those of you who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to an end.

When you find,
inside yourself,
what never changes; that,
that doesn't change.
That's what you
will be left with
when time stops.

When Time stops
those 'things'
won't exist

Without the vowels
there is no such a thing
as writing, talking & thinking.