Saturday, June 25, 2011


Truly free people
do not do what they want,
they do what is necessary.

to a slave,
is Freedom.

Rights are like muscles,
use them or lose them.
First, know your rights,
then exercise them.

The reason the constitution
is being eroded away
is because of societies weakness.
Life has become too easy.

Freedom is
something one lives,
not brags about.

Before one can live freely,
one has to destroy out-moded
ideas and concepts.


You can only be free of
what you are aware of,
otherwise, you're just living
in a prison that your
senses can't see or feel.

Supposedly, the terrorists are going to invade America and take our freedom away from us. If that's the case, they had better do it soon or there won't be any freedom left for them to take.