Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Go back to the
state before thought.

Consider yourself fortunate.
Create your own saving grace.

A man prayed to God & asked for His Grace. Said God to the man, "If I give it you, you'll never do it for yourself. You'll always be a beggar".

I did it, therefore you can do it.

It's the DNA
that desires,
not you.
You are not
your DNA.

Enlightenment is not
something you get,
it's something
you give up.

is only the beginning.

To think & feel on behalf of another
means you don't see a difference.

Where you
see differences,
I don't.

The mind
investigates consciousness
& the heart transcends it.

Death is
your best friend.
It saves you from
getting stuck
in the world.

Everything is possible
in the
field of all possibilities.