Thursday, February 17, 2011


What does it matter
if you believe the truth
or disbelieve it?
It makes
no difference.

Laughing & praying are equal.
They are both great ways to
communicate with God,

Hypochondriacs are always sick.
Ignoramuses are always stupid.

To a shearer, a fight, a feed and a f*ck is his idea of heaven. You know what, they're genuinely happy.) The shearer knows that hard physical labor is Gods' Grace. Most shearers are drunks. I've yet to see one that got sick. Alcohol is their health-care system. No bugs can live in the body 'cause there's so much alcohol.

If you want to
get rid of a bad habit,
create a good one.

The greatest asset,
in these times
that are manifesting,
is a silent mind.

Join the line
if you are looking for
justice on this planet.

A disturbed mind,
a weak mind,
is a nuisance.
Whatever disturbs it,
get rid of it.

Disturbances cause suffering
which leads to pain.
Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Hang on
and die.
Let go
and love.

Once you realize
that it's time
to let go, you will realize
you've been hanging on.
One cannot hang on & claim love.
That is drama & sentimentality.

Letting go is a manifestation
of true love.
Hanging on is a manifestation
of fear.

If you want control
in your life, first
learn to control
the mind.
Whenever the mind
is under control,
The Universe
is under control.

The physical world
only exists in
the waking state.
Dreams only exist
in the dream state.
If you're living
a dream then you're
obviously asleep!