Monday, February 28, 2011


Presence manifests intent;
absence cannot do that.

is an act
of love.

The credit card sucks
the life force out of you.
It is a vampire.

If you are
in debt
you are a

When you are in debt
you're running out of
life force.

Things manifest
out of thin air.
That's how
they're able
to disappear,
right when
you need them!

Anger and fear live in the same house.
Love and compassion live in the same house.
It is not possible for anger and love
to live in the same house.
It is not possible for fear and compassion
to live in the same house.

When you build something on
the Foundation of Reality,
it will appear to be real.
Without the foundation,
you have no house.

The whole Universe is built
on the Foundation of Reality.

Those who refuse to look
at the symptoms have no hope
of addressing the cause.

People have to look
at themselves
and ask,
"Why have we created a world like this?"

When your Tree of Life
bears rotten fruit,
you will have to eat it,
as that is all
there will be to eat.