Friday, February 11, 2011


is an idea,
isn't it?

You can only imagine
what you have experienced.

Pain is a
great motivator.
Pain is a
great teacher.

Everything about my my life
has been a comedy or a tragedy.
I wouldn't change a frame of it,
otherwise I wouldn't have
attained what I have.

Question everything! Don't just assume. I mean to say, you assumed that you were born and now look what's happened to you. You're frightened of dying. To truly live you have to deal with death.

If you convince yourself that you're a sinner
then you'll have to spend an equal amount of time
convincing yourself that you're not.

If you can't live in the NOW,
then live in the imaginary FUTURE.
It's more exciting than the dead PAST.
Everyone lives in the NOW
whether they like it or not.
If you imagine the FUTURE
you imagine it NOW,
If you dwell on the PAST
you're doing it NOW,
YESTERDAY, the PAST was once the FUTURE.

I am the best friend you will ever have.
You will not find better than I.
That doesn't mean you won't find
someone as good as me.
Everyone I meet is as good as I am.