Saturday, February 19, 2011


The outer pictures
are reflections of
the inner pictures.

To get free
of the influences
of the mind
one has to
understand it.

Without feelings
man is dead.
Only a man
who can feel
everyones pain
is truly alive.

Where there
is life
there are
Where there are
there is love.

You can not buy qualities.
You have to earn them.

I love
to feel.
I feel
to love.

I only know my own truth.
I live my own truth.
If it ever lets me down,
I will know it's not the truth.

One cannot
have duality
without duality.

The curse of Enlightenment is,
one feels humanities pain.
If you can stand to
live with humanities pain
you are entitled to Enlightenment.

I sacrifice my own pain
to feel the pain of humanity.
I live with humanities pain
every day of my life.

Interest is life force.
The more interest
you have in life
the more life
will make itself
available to you.

an ocean of peace.
Whatever disturbs
that peace
has to go.

It is as bad to acquire
as it is to give up.
By all means
give up the unnecessary
& acquire the necessary.

The only reason one creates
God & heaven is because
they are living in hell.

Live conceptually free.
True freedom is from concepts.
Why would one trust a concept
when they have their own self
which was there before
& after everything
& nothing.

The only thing
one cannot live
separate from
is life.

There will be no peace on this earth
until man sees it as his duty to manifest it.
That is a worthy cause to live for,
to manifest peace on earth.

One can only
appreciate time
when they are
free of it.


Whatever the mind
dwells on long enough
it becomes.

There is only
peace in security.
There is only
security in peace.

There is no security
in an insecure world.

The only way one can
survive terrorism
is to manifest more peace
than the terrorist
can manifest terror.

It makes one incredibly strong
when they’ve only got
themselves to rely on.

When dreams
turn into nightmares
they wake you up.
If you don’t enjoy nightmares
don’t go to sleep.
By all means take rest.

To live your dreams
you have to be asleep.

The shock of enlightenment
is that nothing changes.

The day is soon approaching
when every one will
share a common interest