Thursday, February 10, 2011



Poor people are always worrying about not having enough money. The antidote for that is to start worrying about having too much money.

To strengthen the minds'
focus and attention,
pick one thing you
are willing to die for
and focus on it.

You can't speed
the process up
but you can
slow it down.

You can have enlightenment,
or put more simply,
your own natural state
anytime you like.
It's yours for the taking,
all it takes is guts.

Take everything
you know
about yourself
& your world
& dump it.
You will be left with
what you started with.

Count up your habits
& the things that
you believe you can't
live without & you
will know, first-hand,
what your chances
of survival are.

What you are witnessing now, I witnessed 30 years ago in meditation. At the time, I had no idea at all what I was seeing. What is happening today and will happen tomorrow, I have seen. (It's old news to me.) Had you have seen, 20 years ago, what you are experiencing today, you would have been better prepared.

A shock happens
when you can't find
a pigeon-hole to put it in.
Pigeon-holes & labels
create a
false sense
of security.

Once you attain
your natural state,
that's when the
fun really starts.

Were people to have
lived as simply as possible
this would not be happening.

When you want something
you can be caught and

Whether you believe
me or not
doesn't make
any difference
to what I AM.

what you
are looking for.

It is my job to stay
silent & unchangeable.
It is your job
to look for me.
It is not my job
to tell you
who I AM.
It is your work
to find out.