Sunday, February 13, 2011


Man believes
he can do
so many things
yet he can't
even control
his own mind.

The faster you go
the faster your life runs out.
A slow, leisurely life
promotes excellent health.

If it doesn't
pump the heart
then it's not
music to me.

If you don't
know anything else~
you don't
know anything else.

Don't feel sorrow
for the dead man,
save it for yourself.
He's out of it.
You're still suffering.

Imagining that
you were born
is the ultimate Drama!

Living without hope
is the most freeing
thing you can do.
It forces you to live

Ask yourself one question,
If this is as good as it's going to get
for the rest of my life, is that acceptable?
If it's not then hard times are a'comin.

The more grateful
one is for what they have,
more automatically comes to them.

The more the government
governs the people,
the faster society breaks
down and falls apart.