Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Whatever happens to you in life
find the humor in it and turn
it into a positive.

Once you give up everything,
then, and only then, can you
have a relationship with love.

Whilever you are
within consciousness
or experiencing consciousness,
you can not help the world
or the people in it.

Drop out of the world
into my world & you will
find that the world is a
figment of your imagination.

Reading these words is for your mind.
Between the lines I wrote something
for your heart.
I Love You.

That's all I came here to tell you.
When you're happy I am happy.
When you are sad, I am sad.
Hurt yourself and you hurt me.
Love yourself and you will love me.

Who am I?
Guru Om

If you want
eternal life
just step out
of the movie.

In my world
you can't have
your cake & eat it.

feed on fear.