Saturday, February 12, 2011



If you want to see
good things in your life
keep the bad things out!

If I want things to get better
for me in life then I have to want
things to get better for everyone,
or else I can't have it.

Find a space withing yourself that is so big,
it's impossible to fill up. It will allow you
to express your madness in a beautiful way.

No one can express Love.
Love, itself, is the expression.
Love expresses itself.

When you no longer
need a body to
you will be beyond
birth & death.

Everything you want to know about me is in my name
Just repeat it.

People are like packages.
What's inside is the same.
It's the outer wrapping
that's different.
Take the wrapping off
& see yourself.

To find God
you have to go
beyond your
concepts of Him.

First, ask 'Who am I?
Which leads you to 'Who is He?'

Just getting through the day
is a roaring success.

Things happened;
I couldn't stop
them from happening
or make them happen.

The Planets exert their influences equally on everyone. Don't imagine that you are special and the Sun doesn't shine on you. It shines on all.

A Saint sat in the shade of a tree.
A mass-murderer sat in the shade of the tree.
The tree gave shade to both equally.