Monday, September 10, 2012



I can hear
the cogs of

& subside.

I can rant & rave
but at the end
of the day
all that's left
is compassion.

It's the
that does it.

Once you realize,
it's not worth it,
death appears.

What I believed the world was like,
as a child, was shattered by my
first encounter with violence.

When something goes so far something has to be done about it. The question is, how far does it have to go? Only you can answer that question.

There is no 'one-shoe-fits-all'.
That's why socialism doesn't work.

The Truth
makes sense
out of insanity.

Not in control?
Only as witness.

Transmutation is
an interesting subject.
You have to die
to prove it.

It's a law;
I can't
have it
I want it
for others.

When the
Gold bubble bursts,
the Empire is gone.

It's attachment
that causes pain
at the moment of death.
How many would like
to take that risk
& transmute?