Tuesday, September 18, 2012




One is dreaming a dream called 'The World'.
The world of dreams is endless unless the unimaginable wakes you up.
The imaginable cannot wake you up because it's a dream.
I shatter dreams & fantasies & I'm not very well liked for it.

It's not
what I do,
what I AM.


Things get better
after you die;
don't worry.

People only talk about
what they can imagine.
The unimaginable
is beyond talking.
If you are looking
for the Truth,
that is where
you will have to go.

What are you
going to do
when you run
out of projections?
You'll have to
see things
as they really are.

There's nothing
behind you
but the void.
Without turning
or imagining;
prove me wrong.

One has to have
a balanced mind.
It's essential
for survival.

How can man be free
if he can't wander
his Planet at will?

First, you have to know
what you want to be free from.

If you want
to be free of debt,
stop spending.

Those who surrender
their 'wants'
are guaranteed
their 'needs'.

There is no such thing as satisfaction in a temporary world. Satisfaction comes about by destroying temporary worlds. When you come across a temporary appearing world that you cannot destroy; you will have found the real thing.

Everyone dreams,
therefore, the 'shattering'
will affect everyone.

At 5 years of age, I found out the hard way, through direct experience, the game is rigged. The pain I experienced from a very short time of believing is nothing in comparison to what you will feel after a life-time of believing.

They is what they is &
they can't change it!

How can you laugh
at what you haven't
dealt with?

Everything loses
its meaning
in the void.

The doing doesn't start
till the taking stops.
The catalyst for that
is a good shock.