Sunday, September 9, 2012



Never in my life did I ever charge anyone to come & sit with me. One man included me in his ignorance, so in no uncertain terms I made him wiser. He was not happy about that. "You can't speak to me like that!", he said in an angry way. "Yes, I can." Said I. "I did not charge you a cent for what I'm giving you, therefore, I can speak to you as I like. I don't remember you paying me to be nice to you? Now, pick up that big lump of meat you just plunked down in front of me, fuck off and don't come back." That man was twice the size of me. One good punch and I would of felt it. That didn't happen. It could not happen. It was an impossibility, for the simple reason; my integrity is intact. He had none.

Don't let anyone convince you that
'it's too big to fail!'.
That's bullshit.
The truth is,
it's too big to survive.
No one, nor anything
is to big to fail.
If you don't believe me
ask the Roman Empire.
No one or anything
is too big to succeed.

Lack of equality
in the Justice system
has caused
all Empires to fail.

don't get caught
in their own web.
People do.
The man even said,
"I got caught in a sticky situation".

It's a huge success
when there's no
elements missing.

You can't
have enlightenment
without giving
up ignorance.
of Ignorance
is the
of Enlightenment.

My life may not be easy
but at least it's real.

The genuine Guru is
difficult to find.
He has no disciples.

What are the odds
of my being enlightened?
6 Billion to 1?
I accepted
those odds.
I AM that one.

Someone once said to me,
"Who do you think you are?"
"A nothing & a nobody, just like you!"

One may like change.
One may not like change.
Either way, it's
not very reliable.

What one gets
by giving up
is more valuable
than getting.
your loss
your gain.