Friday, September 21, 2012



If you believe that you are
the performer of actions
then you must be responsible
for those actions & the

I've already helped
by doing it for myself.

All that information
on the Internet &
society is still stupid.

How can you feel compassion
for someone when you don't
see yourself in them?

Everything wants attention.
We all want attention.
Nothing can live without it.
An 'attention whore' is one
who refuses to give it to themselves.
Everyone wants attention
but no one wants to give it.

Without your imagination
you haven't moved
off of square one.

The raw potential
lies within everything
that is living.

'You' is a projection;
it's practically useless.

One has to give recognition
to the things that will
support you in life.

Nothing, in Society, will change
until they stop talking about it.

Dreams & dreams & dreams;
& on & on & on.
It's endless!