Friday, September 7, 2012



AS time moves along
everything catches
up with it.

Beat that
David Blaine!

The insanity of humanity is
coming to the surface.
A necessary part of survival.

Consciousness is the
force of consciousness
& the laws of nature.

There is people power &
the people are their own
worst enemy. So, where
does that leave you?

How can I offer
you anything
if I'm not
committed to it?

When the collective mind stops
you'll know you've run out of Time.

Take a good look at me &
I wonder why life is like it is.

What I put
on my forehead
ruined my life to
give you a chance.

I will change costumes
but not character.

How will I know if
I've made my best effort?
You'll know by what you've learned.

These words many not be
what you are looking for
but the power behind them is.