Thursday, September 13, 2012



If you don't want
someone around
tell them the truth.
It works every time.

I live life on
the front line
of the war
on ignorance.

I'm perfectly capable
of controlling my own mind.

Once I could
love myself
more than God did,
I didn't need Him.

The mother
is God to
the child.

There is a secret to feeling good.
It's called, 'Do the right thing'.

gets in
the way.

You think when you're not supposed to &
you don't think when you're supposed to.

Once I knew
there was
a way out
of the misery,
I pursued it.

Better to give up your toys now
or have them forcibly taken.

No one can be creative
unless they are supportive.

If I don't deal
with it today,
I'm still going
to have to deal
with it tomorrow.
Nothing magically
goes away.