Tuesday, October 9, 2007


One may believe that they cannot survive without control. Then they come to a point that they realize they cannot survive with control.

Witness consciousness does not control. It observes. Dispassionate observation means 'no vested interest'.

While anyone controls with limited power they never reach the main power. Limited power has boundaries. What are you going to control with limited power? What would you imagine happens when a limited power tries to control the Unlimited power? Man makes a feeble attempt to control the Uncontrollable.

The full power of God is within everyman. How can there be a difference between the Power of God and God? Assuming that personal power is like blinkers on a horse.
There is no such thing as personal power. There is limited power.

Man limits the amount of God-Power he can handle. That makes him feel like shit. Then he throws himself at God's feet and starts begging..."Please God, can I have a _____?

You ask the right question and you get the right answer. Don't expect a right answer to a wrong question. Why am I limiting my power?