Sunday, October 14, 2007


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Who do you think benefits when man kills man with technology?

What kind of sickness is it where one kills their own species?

Believe the worst of what you read. If the news says it's getting better, know that it's getting worse. Knowing how to read is a blessing that comes with a responsibility, knowing what not to read. A man that doesn't have the power of reading is in a precarious situation.

In order to tell the truth,
one has to have a Just society,
(otherwise what use is the truth?)

The only way to truly play the game is not to care whether you win or lose. At that stage one goes beyond winners & losers.

One can only play
like they practice.
The act of practicing
creates perfection.
Perfection practices.

There is nothing
unless I am there.

Whatever gets in the way of love,
has to go.

To maintain a belief system, one has to invest their life force in it. One has to keep their attention on it.

If I take my attention off of you, you cease to exist.

How can one appreciate what they know nothing of?

Truth does not need verifying.

I take care of today
and tomorrow takes
care of me.

If you really want a good time, a really good time - adjust your attitude.

Once one goes so deep, it's easier to keep going than to come back. Going, going...gone! Likewise with the path, you disappear and the path continues.

The body is
the farthest
point from home.

When one is given the gift of life it is their duty to live it and investigate it.

The man who has disciplined his mind and is in full control of it, holds the power to control the whole Universe.

God exists in feelings.