Saturday, October 13, 2007


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The world is full of answers,
but very few good questions.

Whatever the Government denies,
know it to be true.

What was it like being born? What was your experience of it. I'd love to hear it.

Focus on what never moves.
How do I know it never moves?
If it does, that's obviously
not it!

Sometimes, less is more.

No one can hurt your feeling.
Everyone is responsible for
their own feelings.

Evolved out of existence.

Timeless truth. It applies
at all times...

As a child, I was dependent on my Mother until the first time she let me down. From that point on, I became self-dependent.

One can not go beyond what they do not comprehend. To go beyond anything one needs a good command of the language. To enter my world one has to master the language of Silence.

To quieten the mind of idle chatter,
give it some interesting work to do.

"If brains were gunpowder, you wouldn't
have enough to blow your hat off."
- George

The more pain and suffering one is in
the easier it is to say,"please help me!"
The less resistance there is,
the easier it is to say,
"please help me!"

When a man is swimming around having fun, he doesn't ask for help. He has to be drowning to ask for help. At that point, it's too late.

While everyone is 'talking' about something, nothing will happen. Not until the 'talking' stops will the 'doing' start. 'Talking' about it is a sure-fire way of stopping it.

If you don't have anything of substance yourself, how can you give?

People who are riddled with fear need belief systems.

Do it right.
Do it once.
You don't have
to do it again.