Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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I cannot look at food
without seeing God.

As a child, I used to ponder what it meant, 'Mankind shall destroy itself.' All of todays societies needs to understand that statement. It is a statement of fact. Your survival depends on it.

Confidence comes out of
repeated successes.

There is no such thing
as discipline without
a quiet mind.

One has to adjust ones attitude towards everything. You go to the chiropractor for a back adjustment. You go to the Guru for an attitude adjustment.

War tears people down.
Love builds people up.

Love is positive.
War is negative.
all is fair
in love and war.

I have been on the battlefield the whole of my life, commanding my troops. I am the True Warrior. I command an army of lovers. My military is unconditioned.

If you rest too much weight on your mind, it will go numb. Offload & feel!

There are two kinds of discipline. There are two ways to discipline the mind. Love & violence. Which one you pick up will depend on your breeding.

Have you noticed how crazier the people are becoming, the weaker the cars become?

the glue
in the mind.