Sunday, October 28, 2007


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Once two know,
it's not a secret anymore.

Know your own secret.

If you allow it,
don't complain
about it.

When man goes to sleep,
there is no world.
The world is dependent
upon man to stay awake.

You can't live in a day dream
and a night dream at the same time.

Why not go beyond the doer
and accomplish the lot?

No matter how big or how small
the addiction is,
it's still an addiction.

Do less,

In a global society with global wealth and global problems, (as in the amount of people that are being killed on this Planet or are starving in Africa), If you don't do something about it - guaranteed you are next!

The reason people can't turn the TV off
is because it will turn their life off.

Those who can live without television are doing.

Why would you have
something in your life
that you're not addicted to?

Next time you look in the mirror,
know that the image you are seeing
is created by your likes and dislikes.

I am not here to teach
anybody, anything.

After a lifetime of Sadhana I have come to the point - I DON'T KNOW!