Tuesday, October 2, 2007




There really isn't
anything left
but to accept.
Accept things
as they are
& watch them change.

The governments actions
are fully supported
by the peoples
lack of morality.

Whatever happens will
be beyond imagination,
therefore, it will shatter it.
The internal pictures
will cease to be.

All the contaminations
are accepted as normal
by the contaminated.

Whatever can
make a difference
is obviously the doer.

That was then.
This is now.

no effort,
& nothing has
made any difference

First, there has to be interest.
Interest manifests focus.
Focus on That.

once you feel something beyond your imagination, that you haven't felt before, you will ask the question, 'What is That?'There is only one answer to that question ~ OMKAR.

Live for today, even if you're guaranteed a thousand tomorrows.

A Global catastrophe
and mass awakening
are the same thing.

It doesn't change a thing,
knowing or not-knowing.

When Nature makes an exception to one of it's laws, man calls it a miracle.

What makes everything possible?

It is a great responsibility,
carrying Wisdom.

Educate yourself!
(No one else will do it for you.)

Minimize the effect by not adding to it.

Without groundedness,
nothing is achievable.
Groundedness is the dead center
from which one operates from.

One has to have interest in oneself.

There is no break from now.

The mechanics of illusion~
'It seems so real!"

Acceptance creates chanage.

Attitude is everything!


One uses destruction to create.

There can never be
enough laughter in life.