Tuesday, October 9, 2007


There was once a man who asked his Guru a question. "Guruji, you have the power to remove all obstacles so that we can all live in heaven. Why don't you do that?" The Guru replied, "I am continually doing that. It's man who doesn't want to live in heaven." The disciple replied, "I find that difficult to believe!" The Guru answered, "Take a walk down the street and the first living thing you come across, ask it if it would like to live in heaven." After walking down the street aways, the disciple came upon a pig who happened to be wallowing in shit and mud. "Excuse me Mr. Pig." said the disciple. "My Guru has the power to remove all problems and obstacles in your life so that you can live in heaven. Would you like that?" The pig thought about it for a few moments and asked, "Is there any shit and mud to wallow in, in heaven?" "O no!" said the disciple. "It's a beautiful, pure place." "No thanks." said the pig. "I'm happy where I am!" and carried on wallowing.