Friday, October 19, 2007


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A true human being is the envy of the Universe. That includes Gods, Goddesses, Aliens and whatever else you can imagine. They envy his qualities.

How many I Am's have you heard in your life compared to 'you ares'?

No more real
than the news.

I can show you something inside yourself. Once you see it, your life will change for he better. I am the benefactor of that.

I don't do 'one-way streets.'

To get free from the mind is easy.
Don't misuse it.

Any idiot can detach from something
he doesn't want anymore.

Gold chains are
just as burdensome
as iron ones.

True freedom manifests as when you don't care if anyone ever know of your existence.
I studied that for years through other people refusing to acknowledge that I existed.

I refuse to watch the movie of torture, of the war.
I don't have time for any of that.
I'm too busy manifesting World Peace.

I never said
I was spiritual.

Once one understands that they are not talking, talking happens (like eating happens). Without eating there wouldn't be much talking going on.

Overeating is an emotional problem.

Filling anything to the maximum
puts maximum stress on it.

Every man is naked
under his loincloth.