Sunday, October 7, 2007


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When the Unknown
becomes aware of the Known
it makes it as itself.
When the Impersonal
becomes aware of the Personal,
the Personal becomes Impersonal.

What are people working for? Are they not slaves to their desires? Can you imagine how much free time you would have for yourself if 50% of your desires just fell away?

Justifying neuroses, no matter what shape and form they manifest in, is not acceptable.

Focusing on what you don't have rather than what you do have is neurotic. Focusing on what you don't have causes the Neurons to misfire. Try driving a car that's misfiring, you'll know what I mean.

Manifest your desires, by all means. Just don't forget, you're living in a dream. Dreams can never become Reality. Reality will always shatter dreams, like a stone against a window.

Spend your time wisely. Work hard for what money cannot buy. One day it will serve you well.

Any fool can purchase a diamond. A wise man looks for the Blue Pearl. Once seen, never forgotten. It will transmute who you believe yourself to be, beyond recognition. It worked for me, and if I can do it, so can you!

Now there's something you cannot buy.
You either have it or you don't.

The Kingdom of God
lies within everyman.
Why chase trinkets?

To the man with no roof over his head, a tent would be considered a mansion. Opulence lies in simplicity.

He who has the most toys is the most fearful of all.

It will make no difference to the street man when the money market crashes. It will make no difference to the animals when the electricity goes out. It will make no difference to the birds when airplanes no longer fly.

No Equality,
No Democracy.

The amount of lies
a politician spews forth
is in direct proportion
to his corruption.

Put one rotten apple in the middle of a barrel of good ones and watch what happens. A few corrupt people will contaminate others. Can you imagine what a lot of corrupt people are capable of?

Hard work and a man go hand in hand.
Remove the work.
Sacrifice the man.

First attain Manhood. It's a pre-requirement to Godhood.

Idle hands are the devils' workshop.
A lazy mind is the devils' home residence.

Someone once asked me why people die on the streets of India. My answer was very simple,"They die where they live."

It takes quite a bit to wake up one man who is fast asleep. My question to you is "What's it going to take to wake up billions?"

A courageous man welcomes the unknown with open arms. A fearful man clings to the known for his very life (as he knows it.)

Birth and Death revolve like a hamster on a wheel. When the wheel stops, will you get off and walk away or will you do your best to start it up again?

A true Aborigine knows when his time is due to expire. At the appointed time he will walk off into the desert, on his own, to face the God of Death.

Being born is a disaster. A good death is a blessing. Living a wanton life does not an easy death make.

Beyond the idea of birth and death
is Life itself.

Welcome the opposites
and live anew.

How can a programmed man claim free speech?

I'm happy I don't rely on skin for my beauty. The beauty shop is inside, not outside.

If you don't want to come back and do this all over again, then don't leave a mess behind.

I am a Living Legend in the Outback of Australia. My Legend status didn't start till I left. I was wondering what is going to happen when I leave this Planet?

I can do this on my own, guaranteed without failure. The word 'failure' has no place in my vocabulary.

Everyone likes to be a winner.
Stick with me and you can't go wrong!

I want for you what I want for myself. I wish true wealth and happiness on all of you. I wish you well. I wish you piece of mind. I wish you an abundance of joy.

Unless interfered with by man,
the Laws of Nature are
Just and Honorable.

Every ones' livelihood comes from the Earth. She is a great Provider. 'Give us this day our daily bread.'

It is the nature of this Planet to change it's shape and form. It is continually doing that. Sometimes it's hardly noticeable, at other times it is very radical.

Life, as we know it, is dependent on Earth, Water, Fire and Air. We cannot afford to lose any one of them.

At first, It's man using the drug. Then, It's the drug using the man.

Eating meat overheats the mind.

How many children believe that milk comes from the Supermarket?

No one can get away from this question: "How many people have died in the name of Religion?"